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Documenting Adagia

After Four Weeks 2021-01-01 22:38:53

I'm happy to see we have a tiny crew of regulars here. I actually look forward to coming here to see what discourse has brewed while i was gone. It feels like a little corner of home* that I remember 200WAD feeling like.

I actually like that we are currently invite-only and lack any marketing. This means it's just us old school members and I have yet to feel like adding random people right now would improve this place.

I've been really enjoying working on the Tribe feature because it's really kicked my ass. Adagia's now past the stage where you can simply ideate a user interaction and then implement it just as fast. Now there are moving parts. There is infrastructure. You might wonder well isn't the point of infrastructure to allow things to happen faster?

As a product's codebase matures certain things to improve, mostly reliability, but it definitely slows down the time between ideation and implementation. This is because new ideas and user interactions don't happen in a vacuum. They're tied to existing systems. For example comments were tied to users and posts. And now Tribes are tied to projects and posts and users and comments.

When a project is just starting out you can move anywhere you want on a dirt bike along open terrain. With infrastructure, now you have roads and traffic lights and pedestrians and police officers.

I imagine most indie web products to die at this stage when the creator refuses to adopt the new realities of infrastructure and continues to want to ride everywhere on their dirt bike.

Excited to report back here in two weeks again to see where we are. Share whatever thoughts you have, would love to read them.

* trade marked term by

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Documenting Adagia

After Four Weeks
It is interesting to read about your process under the hood. I suppose the maker's complexity is the user's feature-rich experience.
2021-01-02 00:13:53
Lol so actually I'm against feature-rich for the sake of being feature-rich. I think that if a given problem requires many features than it will end up becoming feature-rich...

but the most important thing is that some part of the user's life is improved (pain/problem solved/alleviated or wish/goal optimized-for/obtained) 

I find maker's who focus on feature-rich for the sake of feature-rich commiting similar fallacy to people who want to make money by focusing on making money.
2021-01-02 17:43:19
I think you are doing very well Sir Abe. 
This site is simple and has all the parts to feel like home. It is also great that you are documenting the progress as I am sure you will be doing a lot more in the future so you can learn from what worked and what didn't. 

I didn't realize that the site was invitation only. I remember learning about that feature in marketing. It makes sense and you have less noise and more people interested in writing that show up. Much better to build the tribe and engagement. 

2021-01-03 00:35:29