Rogue tenants

Today, I got a call from the managing agent regarding my investment property in Far North Queensland. It appears that my former tenant and the new tenant had both gone a little rogue.

The former tenant broke their lease and lost one of their cats when moving out of the house. It also appears that she retained a key, and after vacating, would return to the empty property to leave a door ajar to see if she could lure the cat back. 

The problem was that it allowed other cats into the house, and these moggies have left the carpets with an awful stench of urine. When the new tenant arrived to move into the house, they complained about the smell and refused to take up the lease.

Now I have a $1,000 bill to deep clean the carpets, I will need to renew all locks on the house, and I have no tenant. As both tenants have done me wrong, I will have to pursue them separately through the Civil and Administrative Tribunal to recover any costs and damages. My managing agent seems to think they are both open and shut cases, as neither tenant has followed the rules.

We have had good tenants in the property for the last thirteen years, so to get two rogue tenants now is a disappointment.
The cat lady was definitely in the wrong, and I hope she has to pay for her bad behavior. I don't blame the new tenants, as I would not want to start a new lease under those conditions. I would classify cat urine as a deal-breaker in terms of livability. Does the management company do a "refresh" of the property between tenants? 
2021-03-08 13:25:23
Wow worse than that bill this is just a headache! Hope you keep us up to date with how this goes. 

Peter as Real Estate Investor stories! lol
2021-03-08 14:52:50