Before Dyson

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He'd let him have a piece of the pie. He knew the fat man couldn't resist, the man in the suit chuckled. Then thought silently that  he knew something was changing in the Blue man. He knew he used to be able to control everything, felt like they were a team linked. Now, something is changed. So he wanted to derisk. Everything in life can change so quickly so he wanted to make sure he was ready. The incident with that girl showed him, just how fragile peoples opinions are. He has been riding this wave for awhile so at some point its got to stop. The man in the expensive suit cleared his throat and then coughed. Hmm. must be something in the air. He switch on his
fan. He thought how now it was designed. How he designed things he wondered if Dyson would think this was beautiful. 

He knew the blue man was planning something he just didn't know what. So he had to spread things out. 

Blue all the while was just getting madder and madder. He started to remember the car he used to drive, the coffee shop he used to go to. It was just right down the street. Everyday, you think Janice is still working? Would they remember him before?
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