Royal Rumble

This is one of my "Jadakiss - Why" series.

On this episode, it's about the Royal Rumble. 

Sorry Royal Family.

Here are some of the questions that bothered me today.

1) Are there any long-standing institution without things to hide or issues swept under the carpet?
2) Is the above a justifiable reason for injustice and inequality?
3) Is victimhood the new currency?
4) Who do we trust when lies /grey areas can be found in both parties' account?
5) Is there anything wrong when someone decides to walk a path different from his/her family?
6) If I walk a different path, is that a justifiable reason to throw my family under the bus at the world's glare?
7) Spouse vs biological family. Who are you holding it down for?
8) Can issues be solved inhouse like it was in yonder days pre-social media?


For real, why do I ask these questions? 

When social issues arise, I tend to overthink them. Firstly, because I'm a Christian thus my judgement must primarily be based on my Christian values. Then I also try to think, in a regular world without faith/religion,  an intelligent being - human, should be able to discern and figure basic things out. All these thoughts create too many questions for me till I lose interest in the matter.
I have effectively applied a filter that has kept anything related to the Kardashians out of my awareness. I need to employ this tactic on all things "royal family."
2021-03-08 22:50:36