as reply to caught at the cafe

He was nervous looking around he saw people staring at him, or maybe just over thinking it. Did they know? Of course not. He waited in line, and people talked over coffee, some just typed and slurped, and one guy just stared into his laptop then his cup, then looked around the cafe, his hood was up. The Blue man, had on a collared shirt cream colored with a brown belt, black shoes just like he used to wear. He waited in line, it was different than he remembered, but he doesn't remember staying inside for long, just getting a cup and filling it up sometimes talking to her. He remembered their first date here before the kids, they used to have croissants here maybe they still do. He looked at the counter a fluorescent lit display showed the croissants and bright colored sweets. He might get one of those too. He smiled to himself, but he didn't see Janice. He looked at everyone's faces. The only one that he was drawn to was the man in the hood, but maybe just because he was in a hood. Next! It wasn't his turn just yet, but he thought of his order. 

Next! Marc oh my god Hi, i haven't seen you in forever man where've you been? 

The blue man was stunned, he remembered this guy right before he met the man in the suit. He liked lattes, and was always trying to get him to try one, he wasn't Janice, but he started on her shift.

Mark yeah I got you heres a cup. Fuck man, crazy we were just talking about you. 

WhO? The blue man said a bit too quickly.

Me and Janice man, we were wondering about you.

The blue mans hands started to shake.

Where is she now?

She works in the afternoons now man, should be here later, I'll tell her you stopped by, she'll be relieved.

Oh okay thank you. Blue stammered, and went to the coffee pod, hands shaking. 
Mark I can't believe thats my name. He stood there for too long, and someone asked if he was done. He left hurriedly the bell dinged behind him. 
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