a bold move

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You may be wondering how Hector ended up here, on this beach. He had to flee the US in haste after he blackmailed one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. About 4 months ago, his boss, and the project manager at GlaxoSmithKline received a neatly written email where he has threaten to leak documents that clearly compromised both entities, GSK and his lab. And he had all the proof to show the world how GSK paid for a staged laboratory trial, in order to get this new medicine approved by FDA and out on the market. The stakes were huge, the new drug was about to be introduced as a new age, highly effective nootropic. In reality it was just a combo of caffeine and amphetamines, highly addictive and with destructive consequences for long-term consumption. He felt a moral obligation to doit, it was in his power, and he realised it that night, after watching that father-son negotiation scene in "Succession". He remembered clearly how, the moment when this idea came into his mind, his hands went shaky, blood rushed to his head, his heart beat fastened, chills and cold sweats running down his back. It felt like the right thing to do. In that very moment, he wrote that dammed email, closing with "if you want all this to remain private send 500ETH to this address. 0xC7954255FD97F777a643986fa61b44b54524Db86 by tomorrow 12 PM".
he signed with his name, Hector, hit SEND and closed his laptop.

The moment after, he realised he can no longer stay in his house. He grabbed a few belongings,  stuffed them into his backpack, called an Uber, and went to a hotel. Next day, to his surprise he received the ransom money requested. In the space of a week he has hired a hacking agency on #darknet to help him get a new identity and launder as much as he could of that ETH, and then disappear to Europe.

He was on the run, he knew it was impossible for him to return to his previous life. He checked the news every now and then. GSK released the drug, and himself, Hector was announced as gone. And life carried on.

Traveling light, just another stranger among strangers he was on this beach contemplating the bubbles in his sparkling water. He was starting to think that he might have asked too little. Was this all that his retirement cost? and now, condemned to live life as a ghost? a nobody? He was quite fond of his new identity, Connor O Brian, from Ireland. He looked a bit Irish anyway, and he identified with this new name more than with Hector. 

And then, an idea came into his mind.
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