on the beach Greece carbonated water

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On a soft seashore in
the retired man sat contemplating another sip of carbonated water. Just six months ago his days were packed contemplating what the world considered important. Strategy. Hiring. Investments.

Now he was here. Nothing to occupy his mind except whether he ought to take another sip. He knew he wouldn't need another meal until evening. He could find a place at the town center by where he was staying. The decision could be made as he walked along the offerings. He didn't need to contemplate that now.

My god is this what i've been reduced to? Thinking about this?

He took the sip of
carbonated water
then noted how he was just as cursed in retirement as he was at work. Now that he had financial freedom he didn't know what to do with his time. He had travelled to Greece because in his mind that was where nobody was in a hurry to get anywhere. A place where time had stood still. And his imagination was right for the most part. But he wasn't one of them.

He sat there and wondered, could I live my days like this?

A grimace spread across his face and then he took another sip before getting up.

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