Take good care of the plant

as reply to breathe, though

"And go ahead, take a seat"
George pulled a chair and sat at the table looking at the silouete in the dark, approaching slowly.

"Hello George" - The man in the dark comes closer to him, leans over so that he can see his face, stares him straight in the eyes and continues to walk slowly around the table.
George is frozen, he's shaking throughout his body.

"How's your auntie doing George? She must be a really nice lady to lend you this nice apartment"

George(troubled, babbling) : Uhmm.. Shee,, she didn't, I made that up.

X: Oh, so you lied... Yes, yes, I know George, And you lied to everyone. Do you lie often George? Are you a liar... George?

George: Uhmm.. no no NO I'm not.

X: And still, you lied all your friends.

George: Yes, but that was just because... I wanted privacy.

The man was now behind him, holding both hands on his showlders, leans over closer to his ear, and tells him in a low voice.

X: If you lie to me, I will kill you.

George, was petrified... he almost fainted, his face was white, his mouth went dry, just like when he used to hit the bowl.

George: I won't lie, I'll tell you everything.

X: Good. You don't know me George, but I know you. I've kept a close eye on you since you moved in here. You wake up at 8, you feed the cats in the courtyard, then you come back here, into your kitchen and have breakfast. I guess, you're a good guy George, to always feed the cats before you feed yourself. You go to college, where your buddies make fun of you, but you still hang out with them. Did you know you have no real friends George? But that's okay, I don't have either... But not for the same reasons of course. It's not you I'm interested in George, Do you know Hector?

George: Hector.. hector.. who? No I don't know him.

X: Hector used to live here, in this appartment six months ago, and then he disapperead. I came in the day after, helped a bit with the cleanup but couldn't find a clue where he might have left. He just vanished out of the blue, just like that, overnight.

George: I know yes, the owner told me.

X: The owner doesn't know anything. Look, George... I must find Hector, and you will help me. Listen carefully; When he left, he forgot these notebooks. (pulls out 3 A5 molleskin notebooks and throws them on the table) I've read them all, I couldn't find out much, but I'm pretty sure about one thing. He will come back in this apartment sooner or later to take one of his plants.  He loves this plant, it's a very special stain of salvia that he has cross pollinated with two other species. It's all journaled in here, so take good care of it. He will either return for it, or he will reach out to you, asking to send it to him. When he does, I want you tell me immediately. Do you understand?

George: Yes sir. OK, I will let you know as soon as he gets in touch to ask for the plant.

X: Ok, very well, and George, I am your friend now, just let's keep it between us okay?

George: Yes, Yes, I won't say a word.

X: If you do your job well, you won't see me again, if you fail, if you lie or if you cover him in any way, we will meet again... and it will be the last time.

George: Yes Sir, got it.

The man walks slowly out of the kitchen into the hallway, just like a ghost and closes the door after him gently.
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