The facts

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Let’s get all the facts straight. The detective thought to himself before saying it out loud. 

Marc Love, doesn’t exist. And yet, we have found him at the crime scenes of one murder and another attempt. 

The men shuffled around.and chairs creaked. 

But we have nothing on him. 

One of them said. 

That’s not the point. The detective said.

2015, he had a registered job even a wife and two children. Fast forward to now. Where are they? What has he been doing all that time? 

We can’t just bring him in for not working. Another guy said. 

It’s just strange. The detective said.

Strange doesn’t count for much. 

What about the birth certificate. Marc has lived here for almost 30 years, eye witnesses and that small church have a record of him having children.  

But there’s no pictures no certificate even at the hospital. 

Not yet. The detective thought. They would have the IT guy go through every photo. He had to find something. What about tonight with that girl. Why kill her. What was he trying to do. 

That’s all I got. 

Well it’s not enough, even for a novel. 

The sergeant got up and everyone with him.

The detective knew he was the Blue man, he was sure of it. He knew it was someone else though someone is there thinking of everything. Things are too planned to clean. And whoever it is keeps getting better. 

He puts the papers together then the pictures into the file. Then walks. To him right now he was at a loss. Fuck, I mean where does this guy come from. 7 fucking years and just had been here? Doing what. Then this guy shows up on the internet?

He chews his way out the door, walks outside and the sun hit his face. The detective chewsapple. Just the skin. Then tossed it into the bush
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Strange, I have the impression we're all kinda spinning around the same themes / genre 
2022-11-19 21:10:57
I mean, you, me, abe
2022-11-19 21:11:09
I've already considered it an open collab this whole time
2022-11-21 18:24:14
Like a conversation at a party. 
2022-11-21 20:31:04