CREATE: Get it done & Ship the Work.

It's easy to think your work needs to be better than it is. Putting anything into the world is a complicated calculus of effort and timing and target and resources and attention.

Constrain. This is the most important part. Limit the inputs tightly - and then do it again until you find something that works.

Repeat. Find some small loop of tasks that gets a result. Repeat 10,000 times.

Experiment. Try everything. Smaller, bigger, double, mixed. All the combinations.

Attend. Figure out when and how to work to maximize your attention.

Target. Pick a target audience you'll enjoy. When they sing your praises, it'll make you feel great.

Effort. This is not a paid job. It won't be a 40-hour week with paid holiday. Put in some fuckin' work.

You'll never meet your best self until you ship something and start the conversation. The formula for success is keeping tight constraints to find what works and then keep it manageable. 

The Internet is infinite. Your energy and resources are not. Play with all the knobs until you tune into the channel where an audience you want to serve is sending a positive signal. Then, dial in your effort to match available energy and repeat way past the point of boredom.

You may get bored once you "figure it" out and become financially independent. Until then, just Ship The Work.

Constrain definitely is the most important. If one messes that up then they'll feel agonizing pain later. And often they'll not have enough clarity to realize that their pain isn't that they don't have the resources to do X Y or Z but rather that they didn't constrain enough earlier and chose to do something that they don't have sufficient resources for.

This is why I think timeboxing is so important. It allows you to take a break from the incumbent grind and recalibrate the constraint portion going forward to the next timebox.
2021-03-11 14:18:41
Complicated calculus of effort--indeed. Sometimes I'd rather just do Calculus.
2021-03-11 14:39:55
Love the 6 dimensions you've outlined here. I've been both humbled & liberated by the process of calibrating effort / figuring what a sustainable daily effort looks like. 
2021-03-11 21:01:57