I'm staying up late to work on a bunch of projects, but it seemed that my fingers were itching to type. What better way to scratch this itch by finally gracing this gift of space with my first entry! 

More importantly, this is meant to be a surprise for somebody who's been bugging me to finally ship something. I finally came to terms that writing within the confines of Google Docs and OneNote is no longer as fun so here I am. After all, I already spent a month just lurking around here reading posts by
and a few by

With that said, I am shamelessly asking for a pat in the back, a little more encouragement, and maybe some food for my pantry. Why do I ask for all of these? Simply because I'm extra and I'm glad to be here!

P.S. Dumplings are highly preferred!


Thank you for the invite
for following up.
Heyyyyyy! It's late over there? Wow you must be in timezone far east of me then. I promise that I'll gift you the next dumpling I find.
2021-03-11 18:11:15
It's great to see you here! Though I can't condone staying up late and jeopardizing sleep, I am happy that you finally decided to write to supplement your lurking. Welcome to the community.
2021-03-11 18:16:40
Welcome to the party 
. I can already feel the positive vibe you're sending.
2021-03-12 00:42:17