It's all about the process

as reply to A recipe for possibility: ship, listen, repeat

Great post.  This part spoke to me...."The next time you feel fatigued by the process consider that it may be because you’re focused on the wrong things like the unsatisfiable need for guarantees. Instead there is much more fulfillment to be found when you focus on the creation of possibility which is what a process empowers you to do every day."

Seth Godin writes a lot about the process in his latest book, "The Practice."  In essay 21 "The Work and the Guarantee," Seth writes, 
"The practice has nothing at all to do with being sure the work is going to be successful. That's a trap. The guarantee requires industrial sameness, recipes that have been tested, and most of all, the fungible labor of the disrespected laborer...The search for a guarantee is endless, fruitless, and the end of possibility, not the beginning."
"industrial sameness" great term of art. For some reason, I lost track of that book, but I'm glad you reminded me to bring it back to the front of the line to finish it.
2021-03-12 13:29:24
Brandon you lost track of that book? lol you were just recomending it to me few weeks ago. I actually am still waiting for The Practice from my library. There are so many on the hold-list for it.
2021-03-12 14:08:47
I had it with me when I was on Christmas vacation and out of sight, out of mind.
2021-03-12 14:24:38
The Practice is was got me started writing every day about 90 days ago; it's a brilliant piece of work from Seth and certainly inspired my line of thinking when looking back at the story of the Michelin brothers & their guide. 

Love the quote from Seth - I think it captures the spirit of the practice very nicely!
2021-03-12 23:22:06