Stories the Skin Will Tell

Write a story by half.

When you can't think of all the words to say, start with half. Instead of long sentences choose the short ones. They can get shorter and shorter. Really short, even. Wow! Now, for the main event.

Our friend loves the thrill of racing around in an electric go-kart. It goes and goes. Yesterday, he got some scrapes due to a lost battle with inertia. His physical mass was headed one way and he tried to go another. It didn't quite work out. 

In the end, it was a fair fight. The final score: Physics 1 — Friend 0

I have a feeling he'll be back to fight another day. Before then, he'll be re-reading the Zoom Zoom series and taking notes. I expect some excellent stories will be leaked from the now raw memories that match the layers of skin that were invited to the surface for their first public appearance. The skin left on the payment will have a different story to tell. It might be a story of new-found freedom or perhaps one of separation and abandonment. We'll see.

Let's all be glad he was wearing a helmet. They don't call them accidents for no reason. If he had been wearing a proper racing helmet and gloves, he'd have walked away with all his skin and perhaps a more exciting tale to tell. Racing leathers, here we come.
hope he gets well soon
2021-03-21 07:21:40
I hope he gets well soon too! I'm sure he's fine. He's pretty bulletproof. But not pavement proof. 
2021-03-21 14:24:17
I have gloves but wasn't wearing them. I should have a motorcycle helmet instead of just the bicycle one I was wearing. You're right, I could have avoided most of the bodily damage with proper equipment. When I get back on the horse at some point, I will most certainly be upgraded. 
2021-03-21 19:35:02