Shifts in Elementary

My 5th grade year began someplace in between elementary and junior high. Forest Hills had elevated the 5th grade out of elementary schools and built these separate, brand new buildings specific to 5th and 6th graders. I don't remember the actual name for this new transitional school category, but the place I went to was called Forest Hills Central -- REVIEW LATER MIGHT BE SOMETHING ELSE. During my tour of Forest Hills Central I remember the well dressed, tall lady stating that they believed the transition from elementary to middle school was too abrupt for many kids. 

When this change happened, the new power structure felt off like slipping your hands into a pair of gloves you're borrowing. The big, bad 5th graders were gone and the 4th graders were suddenly top dog. It took me awhile to get used to thinking of 4th graders as the Aces rather than the Jacks. Also the school suddenly felt more spacious. Without the 5th graders and all the teachers to support them, the hallways felt less crowded. The buses felt less crowded. It never felt so void to feel like there was a lacking emptiness, but it did make the school feel completely different. I remember thinking that I would never get used to the change. 

It also meant a reduction of my time remaining in elementary school since I would no longer be spending my 5th grade there. I can't remember now which grade I had been when this change took place. If I had to guess I was in 3rd grade. 
Or for the Euchre players, the 4th graders were the Jacks and not the Aces.
2021-03-22 16:12:45
I have a feeling that you are a pretty good Euchre player.
2021-03-23 00:53:01
I prefer playing with a full deck. There's a game 
 and I have played for years called DOINK. Each round you bid on how many tricks you think you can take and you have to meet your bid exactly or you get no points. 
2021-03-23 13:27:49