Project Freedom - Day 2

Day 2 of Project Freedom and Day 1 of the affiliate marketing course i'm taking by Anthony Morrison is off to a good start.  I'm impressed by the way he structures the course. The content looks like it's going to be top notch and offer a lot of value for where I'm at right now.

The course name is "Partner with Anthony."  It's a subscription course and I pay only $7 per month for the actual course. The premise of the course is that he teaches affiliate marketing while you use the exact course you're taking to promote as your first affiliate marketing product. 

Also, as I go through the course I will be needing different software and tools for the business.  Anthony will be walking us through the tools needed and I will be signing up for those affiliate programs as well.

This is all an experiment to learn, but I like that I'm diving in to actually begin learning how to promote products right from the start so it's practical information, not just theoretical. 

A few things that stood out to me about the course is that he set it up so that you have to finish a session before moving on to the next session.  Not only that, he has a timer set for 24 hours before you can even access the next lesson. At first I wasn't sure if I liked having to wait, however, I think it will be beneficial to taking action before I move forward. Instead of bingeing the course, I will be able to reflect on the content I am learning and have the space to put that into practice before moving on to the next lesson. 

The other thing I like is that he focuses on mindset and not just the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing. I'm into personal development and I think we need re-enforcement of a positive mindset each day to stay sharp.  It's not going to be an easy process going from zero to freedom, so the fact that Anthony provides lessons on mindset is a positive for me. 

One step closer to freedom today. Mission accomplished.

Do you know what type of product you wish to do marketing for? On which lesson of the course does that decision come into play? 

When you said that you'd be taking the 30 course class over 40 days I admired how you were going to take it steady and consistently. Often when people are binging content they aren't absorbing as much. Your approach reminded me I need to take a more steady approach myself.
2021-03-23 00:55:51
Interesting feedback about the mechanics of the course. Looking forward to more of the experiment.
2021-03-23 13:29:39
 yes, I do have an idea for the type of product I'm going to be marketing.  More to come! :) I definitely need to take the approach of taking action in the form of doing what the course is teaching not just watching.  Glad that idea helped you as well. 
2021-03-24 00:08:04