Challenge. Chaos. Control.

People want more control in their life. It's scary to feel out of control. Ever driven on snow? Ever gotten fired or laid off from a job with bills to pay and no savings? Surprises cause us to sense fear and they can trigger the parts of our brain that prefer to be safe.

I spent an hour chatting with a coach today. We have another week before we finish the sessions I signed up for. We're determining if I'm getting any value. One takeaway is that I tend to play it pretty safe. I don't let myself get too out of control. I do a lot of thinking; often overthinking.

The result at the end of the call was to see if getting out of my own head could help. What might I find challenging? What could I inject into my life that would be enough chaos to get me to feel or to take action without pulling out the mental sledgehammer that smashes my emotions and experience into submission.

The homework is to get 10 people to tell me three things to do to grow my business. I'll be asking
for some ideas. 
already give me a couple of winners. Of course, I realize now that I'm already processing them in my thoughts rather than taking action on them.

How can our strengths also be our weakness? How can we know what can't be known? How do you I myself to do things I can't do? I'll be working with challenge, chaos, and control. I'll let you know how it goes.
Happy to help. Perhaps we can schedule a call.
2021-03-24 12:53:51