Project Freedom - Day 4 - The Tools

The focus of today's course content was an introduction to the tools that we'll be using to build the business.

The first tool is a tracking tool to track all clicks and conversions. I like the data side of affiliate marketing. Being able to analyze where the traffic is coming from, what ads are performing the best, testing, finding what works and what doesn't and repeating when the formula is dialed in.

The recommended tool for link tracking is called Build Redirects.

The second tool is a funnel building software.  The goal in affiliate marketing is not to simply marketing and selling recommended products, software and services.  The initial goal is to build an email list.  For as long as I can remember, the most successful online business builders always recommend this as their number one focus.  BUILD AN EMAIL LIST.

The recommended product is Click Funnels.  Click Funnels is a tool to start building an email list while simultaneously selling.

The third tool is an email marketing and automation platform. If Click Funnels is the way to capture emails, the email marketing platform is the way to set up an email campaign and set them out on auto pilot. As email addresses come into a funnel the emails in that specific campaign are set up to be sent out in order automatically. I like the automation aspect of affiliate marketing as I mentioned in a prior post.

The recommended product is GetResponse.

Of course there is a cost associate with these tools which breaks down as follow: 

  • Build Redirects $20/ month
  • Click Funnels $97/month
  • Get Response $15/month

The Partner With Anthony course is $7 per month for now but will drop off when I complete the program.  
So my cost for being in business is currently $139 per month. Some of these products have 7 - 14 day free trials so I won't be incurring these costs right away, but something that I will have to make sure to budget for each month moving forward. 

One step closer to freedom.
Somehow I knew Click Funnels would show up. Good ol' Brunson. I like knowing the tools upfront and not wading through a bunch of theories to get to the practical stuff. Glad to see you are making progress.
2021-03-25 00:48:02
Steve there are cheaper alternatives to Click Funnels. ymmv
2021-03-25 05:31:32
 Thanks for the heads up.  I did a bit of research on alternatives and came across Lead Pages as a possible option at $25 per month.  Do you have experience with any alternatives you would recommend? 
2021-03-25 10:17:22
I don't have any experience - and I think the CF team may be taking better advantage of some of the dark patterns inherent in getting money out of people. ( haha. trying to say that in a positive way )
2021-03-25 18:45:00
Lol + 1 on knowing Click Funnels would be part of the tools. Steve if you can't find an obvious alternate to CF then prob better to just stick with it for the next 40ish days.
2021-03-25 19:43:12
Put out it on the Church of Twitter..I'm sure plenty of preachers are ready to give you the Gospel of Funnels.
2021-03-25 22:18:22
Haha,, yeah, Hacker News would be another great place.
2021-03-26 00:56:57
Put out it on the Church of Twitter..I'm sure plenty of preachers are ready to give you the Gospel of Funnels.

Lol what does it refer to in this case?

BTW, HackerNews was a huge influence on me with Adagia. Especially in the first build phase. I actually had to actively strive away from it since then.
2021-03-26 19:03:31
"it" = The question of the best funnel tool(s).
2021-03-26 19:56:43