Winston Wolf

Without a doubt, my favourite Quentin Tarantino movie is Pulp Fiction, if not my favourite movie of all time. I can hear you saying that there was far too much violence, but I just loved how Tarantino weaved the characters through a non-sequential narrative. Though it may have seemed a little disjointed, the plot slowly builds its way back to the diner where it started. I never seem to get tired of watching it.

One of my favourite moments in the film is 'The Bonnie Situation', where Vincent Vega makes a complete and utter mess of Marvin in the car, and Winston Wolf needs to come along and clean up the problem. He needs to think fast and act fast to clean up the mess before Jimmie's wife, Bonnie, gets home from work.

It is this moment in the movie that resonated with me the most. How many times have you experienced a "Winston Wolf" moment, the moment when someone makes an absolute mess of a situation, leaving it to you to come along and clean up. I guess we would all like to see ourselves as a problem solver, a Winston Wolfe, but far too often, we might end up being Vincent Vega instead.
This movie is in my top 10 all-time favorites list. There are so many great scenes, so much great dialog. Did you catch when Winston takes a sip of coffee and gestures that it's good? It's the little details.
2021-03-25 13:31:12
I remember Michael Jordan's trainer having 3 main classifications for top performers.

1. Coolers
2. Closers
3. Cleaners

In an interview Grover ( the coach ) used Wolf as his example for cleaner.
2021-03-28 14:35:58
So is Wolf a cleaner's cleaner? He happens to be the best at doing what he does, which is cleaning up messes. I assume MJ is also considered a cleaner?
2021-03-28 22:15:09
MJ was a cleaner.

Grover addresses the discussions over who was the more valuable player at the Miami Heat. James or Dwayne Wade. Grover argues that it's Wade hands down because that's who you got the ball to when the clock was running out, which made Wade the Cleaner. James was a great closer.

This is also kind of an anti-pattern against the idea of 'small-wins' though because I believe that when it comes to cleaners -- and even closers -- what we obsess over is the big win... or the avoidance of a huge loss in the case of Wolf.
2021-03-28 22:18:43

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