Cold & Catarrh

It's harmattan season over here.

It's not as dry as it used to be. But i've got cold and catarrh. I've been sneezing all day with running nose. It's been like that for days. I've completed a dosage of Procold, I haven't gotten any better.

I would go for lab tests tomorrow.

The brain isn't booted enough for an articulate article.

Get well soon Seun. Hope it isn't COVID.
2020-12-30 23:22:41
Shit didn't even know you were feeling off. Praying for you, man.  Let us know how you feel tomorrow.
2020-12-31 02:09:45
I had to look up three words from this post. Harmattan--the closest thing we have to this in AZ is referred to as a "haboob," which is what I immediately think of every time I interact with someone named "Habeeb." Catarrh-Sounds very unpleasant! Procold - Seems like a similar product to Sudafed. Get well soon!
2020-12-31 17:43:20
Thanks Guys,

I'm feeling pretty much better today and I'm taking medications also.

2020-12-31 21:32:15