I need an inciting incident

I heard a quote on a podcast yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it.

"The biggest problem most people have, is that they don't have any problems."  

That stopped me, because when I stop to think about it, I don't have any real problems.  I'm not talking about problems like a leaky faucet,  not liking a job, or having an almost empty gas tank when you're late for an appointment.  

I'm talking about my back to the wall with no other option but to fight to survive type of problems.  A situation like, I have no job, and am on my last pack of ramen noodles, with an eviction notice on my door and my car getting repo'd type of problems.  It's do or die. I have to make something happen type of problems.

Since I don't have real problems, I don't take the big, do whatever it takes to change my circumstances type action. I'm comfortable. 

In every story, there's an inciting incident that sparks the main character to take action.  I've been thinking about how I can create an inciting incident for myself. 

Any ideas?  Most creative idea gets a cookie. :)
Step 1: Define an audacious goal that you want to reach 1 year from now
Step 2: Give a reasonably sized chunk of your savings to someone you trust
Step 3: If audacious goal met, then your friend returns the money. If audacious goal not met, your friend keeps it. 
Step 4: repeat? 
2021-03-27 01:04:05
!  That is definitely something that would force action.
2021-03-27 10:17:45
Imagine an Antelope saying: "Hmmm.. I haven't been eaten yet. I wonder if I should go try to out-run some lions, or dogs, or hyenas — anything. I'm bored af."
2021-03-27 18:23:55
do you have an example of anyone you've known in person who has had this back against the wall scenario? If so what was the outcome? How did they act? 

I ask because often what we consider back-against-the-wall might be considered 'comfortable' by someone with a lower standard of living than us... likewise while our 'comfortable' might be considered already-dead by someone with higher standards.

I think looking at concrete examples to be be useful.

2021-03-27 19:42:57