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In a glass covered hallway, a man draped in navy blue walked. The air outside seemed ready to turn over to late fall. For now the temperature was cool enough for a suit. But not cold enough to warrant a coat.

Navy blue was a more popular color over in Europe. He had seen in the travels. Especially in Finland. He bought some suits before his flight back to the states. Bought an extra suitcase. And shipped his new clothes in it via checked baggage.

Nobody greeted him at the arrivals gate. At the baggage claim he waited for the two suitcases. The old one he had had since 
, which he bought in 
. And the new one he had just purchased. Filled with navy blue suits.

The filmmaker 
David Lynch
had said that the image of red lips in the dark had been the beginning of the idea that became 
Blue Velvet
. Once that image had captivated Lynch, it continued to string him along. And then an 
would form. That idea would haunt him. Demand his devotion. And this devotion to the idea would be what leads to the creation of the entire film.

The man in the navy suit wasn't a filmmaker. In fact he wouldn't be called an artist of any type by any regular person. But he liked to see himself as an artist. For his latest work in 
he had an image in his head. Crimson blood of senator John McNulty stained into his Finnish, Navy Blue jacket.