A 👀 Collection
by Abraham Kim in 102 parts

35,593 words

Chase Descending Death Cab to community college Circle Park Blood on snow Real designer Jony Raine I Breathe In the back of the cafe Untitled Shared at Feb 21, 2022 A trip Taxes and Peanuts The City I Drive as meditation Three Untitled Shared at Mar 23, 2022 Untitled Shared at Mar 24, 2022 the place Caterer deadline blink 182 On a late evening when nobody was around dealer Untitled Shared at Jul 03, 2022 Untitled Shared at Jul 04, 2022 Mr. Peanutbutter Untitled Shared at Jul 06, 2022 Untitled Shared at Jul 09, 2022 Untitled Shared at Jul 10, 2022 Untitled Shared at Jul 11, 2022 Untitled Shared at Jul 12, 2022 Untitled Shared at Jul 14, 2022 times have changed the way we view things moving as a non young person what makes something alive? the future The Bitter End Ms. American Pie Agency special Untitled Shared at Aug 01, 2022 sign up now some things take time summer work before lunch a 36 year old masseuse clean and dirty blood winning a hackathon four miles west radiant laundry podunk waiting at the sportsbar waiting at the hipster bar a womanizer tries to convince a virgin to get laid welcome runner regret waste city loneliness straightforward plan to becoming a multi millionaire medical mile The Blue Man returns masala chai ice cream sandwich all along someday shit broken down in kansas Mr. Friday goes to jail a lecture driving back after dropping of Ana Imo nothing waiting for the tourist bus foul play there's work to do contemplating desire finally a secret marcin passion as energy pie caught at the cafe the stranger in the woods the only thing i couldn't stay away rip extermination make you sick rip george cloud town back for awhile fixers catch up? small talk can only get you so far matter gas guzzler real people man-thing loss