Lessons from a wipeout

It has been exactly two weeks since I had my infamous wipeout on the ol' go-kart. I have been on the mend and wanted to take a few moments to see if I learned anything from the experience.

Lesson #1: Protect the assets
I'm glad I was wearing a helmet and sunglasses, which protected my head and face from serious injury. That said, I did not emerge unscathed. I could have been wearing a helmet that protected my entire head and face instead of just a bike helmet. Time for an upgrade. Even though I have gloves, I was not wearing them. Arguably the worst of my injuries were my hands, and I definitely need to protect them going forward.

Lesson #2: Being careful minimizes but does not eliminate all risks
I was not doing anything crazy. I was not being reckless. I was executing a turn I had done many times before without an issue. This was a fluke. It's a lesson in understanding that things can go off the rails in a split second.

Lesson #3: Red light therapy works
Without question, one of the best recovery tools I used was my Joovv red light therapy device. I used it virtually every day on my face, and it definitely made a difference. Comparing the healing of my arms and hands and legs where I did not use red light therapy to my face, it's quite a difference.

Lesson #4: Not giving up my hobby
Some people have suggested that I should sell the go-kart. No way. As soon as I have my replacement steering wheel, I will be right back at it. You gotta risk it for the biscuit. 
Some people have suggested that I should sell the go-kart. 

Don't listen to advice from these people
2021-04-02 23:19:33
I hope you're doing well! I sold my motorcycle at the start of this year so I won't fall of again :)
2021-04-03 07:46:40
Forget those people! Motorcycles scare me. Glad you got rid of yours. The fun is just not worth it for the associated risk. 
2021-04-03 21:04:10
I'm also glad. My new Model 3 is almost as fast so I can have fun with that :)
2021-04-04 16:23:21