Project Freedom - The Topic

I've been writing about the affiliate marketing course I'm taking as part of Project Freedom.  I'm learning a lot and feel like I'm at a good place to start applying what I'm learning to the specific topic that I will be focusing on. 

The niche I chose is something that is very important to me and an area that I believe will see massive disruption in the coming years. 

Ok, so what's the topic? Alternative education outside of the college and university. To be more specific, I will be exploring and introducing alternatives for building tech and creative skills outside of the college and university.  

I have worked in higher education either directly for colleges and universities or for software companies that work with colleges and universities for the majority of my career.  As noted above, I see some big changes happening.  The cracks in the higher education system (at least in the U.S.) have been apparent for a while. I believe the cracks are larger and more exposed in our post COVID world and alternative education options are starting to become more recognized. 

There's a lot to unpack, so that's just a quick intro on the topic. I will expand on this  much more in my upcoming posts as a way to get feedback and hopefully spark good conversation.  
Man, I was hoping it was dildos. "The people demand rubber dicks!" Of course, I knew this was going to be the focus. I'm looking forward to seeing how you apply the skills and tools you are learning about toward this topic.
2021-04-08 01:16:52
So what role will you play in Alt-ed Marketing? WIll you make spec-marketing funnels for existing Alt-Ed solutions? Are you teaming up with someone who is making a new Alt-Ed solution and you will do the marketing?
2021-04-08 15:32:22