I remember the first rebrand of 200WAD as attracting a lot of flack. In fact I believe the opinion was unanimously non-positive: as in most people disliked the new brand while a few were neutral to it.

The past few weeks
have been talking more, which I really like. And because of this I began thinking of Keni in contexts outside of just she and I writing on here and commenting on here. I began imagining scenarios where someone might ask us how we know each other, and without thinking my answer was "we have been cowriters for XYZ years."

That's when I thought, maybe the implementation of the Cowriters brand was not great. But perhaps from a language perspective
was onto something. The idea of people who write together. They might not write about the things that the other writers would read otherwise, but they share a space where they come together and write.

Maybe we were too tough on Baz. Not paying enough attention to what he was going for and scrutinizing only what we could so obviously see.

I think I made my thoughts pretty clear at the time and I still stand by them. 
2021-06-11 00:01:18
lol how did you make your thoughts clear? was it a post or a comment?
2021-06-11 00:24:35
I totally agree Sir Abe. Though I was one of the people not happy about the changes from the original, Baz was doing a lot all by himself. 

I think this building a community thing is a difficult process where the owner has to be both a CEO, creative guy, moderator and still needs to develop a community. Especially as the numbers grow and strong minded people join, it is difficult to maintain things as they are without a team. There were times I was amazed at how Baz took care of so many difficult situations despite being so young. 

2021-06-11 02:11:46
It was the one and only Zoom call I had with him.
2021-06-11 12:41:33
I forgot my exact response but I rem being unhappy about it too. 200wordsaday worked fine and well, and I didn't think we needed to fix what isn't broken. 
2021-06-12 02:47:42

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