Kobe Bryant was one of the most capable physical specimens. Forged through hours of daily practice, exercise, and lifestyle his body allowed him to dominate the NBA. Yet his tip top cardiovascular system and supple, long muscles were no match in a helicopter crash.

It's interesting the situations technology places us. To another pair of bare hands, Mike Tyson can be considered nothing less than a steel terminator. Yet in front of a pistol he is rendered into a water balloon waiting to be popped.

Technologies such as helicopters, cars, and guns show us that human bodies are nothing more than sacks of liquid. The innovation of the mind is much greater than the adaptability of our physical protein based shells. And since it's easier to make things that destroy than things that build or protect, we're left wondering about ever impending doom.

I wonder. With software being the bulk of our innovation today, in what ways are we accelerating ahead from other parts of ourselves that are unable to keep up? Are we inventing more destructive things? Or more constructive?

What situations will today's inventions place us tomorrow?

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