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Routine in a routine-less place The Writer's Perspective Copy Three Modes of Writing Untitled Shared at Apr 18, 2021 Pythagoras and the Fifth Hammer Longterm Images Strange Friends Untitled Shared at Apr 23, 2021 Pace Untitled Shared at Apr 27, 2021 Psychology This many people can't want to do this few things Untitled Shared at Apr 29, 2021 Used to fear open source packages The pyramid of intimidation -- Excitement Untitled Shared at May 03, 2021 Untitled Shared at May 03, 2021 There's no direct train line from where you are to where you want to be Kimchi City Life Happening What I like seeing on the top of my feed right now So why am I writing two posts a day? Substance Untitled Shared at May 12, 2021 Untitled Shared at May 13, 2021 Learning about writing through responsibility On responsibility Intercontextual Badasses Notebooking Everyday Community of craft Work-Time Rewriting is easier than writing Untitled Shared at May 21, 2021 Language as Story One reason why i like writing about diners Welcome to America Confusion about when to go hard You'll never be able to write Blankets don't emit heat This isn't a post about writing To actually live Not who you are, who you are becoming Constraints Untitled Shared at Jun 10, 2021 Proud Composition of my writing Fear of change What is dirty? A note on today's flow Beginners vs Intermediates My first indoor dining experience since COVID The 30 minutes a day writer Pay your dues When Untitled Shared at Jun 22, 2021 Artistic Missing People underestimate how much they underestimate The Drastically Unambitious Indie-Hacker Scoped Artistic Feeling I can now write about anything Something I'm waiting for Ceremonies as community things What is a good relationship? A look into how a reaction and response are formed The most difficult thing... Have Courage Never pay a mentor money Rereading Crime and Punishment revealing my darkness to me When we brag Pablo How to get a date More than decent At 21 somebody knew me better than myself Addicted to writing The lesson, too late Untitled Shared at Oct 10, 2021 Networking Life is a Squid Game Decaf Ceylon Vantage Delegation 1.0 < Delegation 2.0 Excitement is fuel not product Who to impress The 4th Decade Before the habit vs After Backoffice Apps What you value values you back Water -> Blood -> Urine Outsourcing dirty things Untitled Shared at Nov 09, 2021 Life Hack for Sharing People Always Change Superiority It's hard to mold ideas on a computer Reward Addiction Before the commitment Why people are unhappy once they achieve the things they've wanted Less -> Food -> Shit Discovery > documenting > announcing Discovery Reasons for writing Thinking What-ifs Journeys 3 3 2 Crab Bucket And, not Or People who complain The Lockeroom Flow The Hare lost before the race began TV is good, but not that good A perfect day A writing tip My recent obsessions The #1 writing app Routines vs Rituals God Bless America Emotion Vending Machine Untitled Shared at Feb 13, 2022 What I like about physical books curiosity + consistency > anything-else V2 Hungry Car Thoughts about my favorite college cafe Hard Simple flexible Untitled Shared at Apr 14, 2022 Big Tech is the Downtown of the internet change alcohol the old friend Untitled Shared at Apr 20, 2022 making a thing out of things long Untitled Shared at Apr 28, 2022 memory packaged sound bio Untitled Shared at May 28, 2022 pretending to help others Maybe, never was? Compression To understand vs to be understood permission Heat a quiet, felt presence. The burden of Baz - I things you can't hire for The Internets writing honestly the cafe is no more