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Sometimes when watching a show like
Breaking Bad
I wonder why don't these bad guys just let Walter be. As a viewer I find it obvious that the protagonists are exceptions to the rule and that somehow they're going to disrupt the normal environment. Given this I'd think the best case scenario for people like
Tuco Salamanca
would be to just partner up with
Walter White
and get rich together. 

Obviously the characters in this fictional world are supposed to act like it's the real world. And in the real world if you get into the business of selling drugs then you'll face incumbent power players. And those power players will be followed by even more powerful agents that come to stop you. Because that's how they got to the top. They didn't get there by just letting others walk over them. And so why would they let a newcomer like Walt walk over them? 

Really don't have much to write. I been grinding away at making these topic note system work. I finally got it working on Chrome, Brave, and Firefox. And I think in the meantime that's all I'm going to support. Dang browsers are tough!

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