I am finally back to writing on a regular basis. It is still harder than it used to be but I am sticking with it. 

Today, I want to resume my monthly wrap up summaries.

The good:

#1. Am back to writing daily. 
#2. Sugars are great. My latest A1C is 5.9% - which is prediabetic range. That is the lowest it has been for as long as I have monitored it.
#3 Overall improving everyday with my health. That is helping me get into working on the other areas of my life. 
#4. Read one book - 'Think Again' by Adam Grant.  
#5. Signed up for a writing class that starts tomorrow. A bit nervous and excited for this. 

The areas to improve:

#1 Sleep: This is still not where I want it to be though it has improved dramatically from the month before. 
#2 Meditation: I started this again recently but I haven't been as focused to do much. My mind is still relatively scattered and I am working on controlling my mind and thoughts more. 
#3 Writing better posts: I have been focused on building the habit of writing but I am still working on the quality of my writing. It takes a certain level of focus and concentration to write quality posts. I haven't started doing that yet. I am giving myself time to build the habit first but I want to get back to writing better posts. 

I am starting things slow so I will control the urge to make massive lists of goals and things to do. In April, I urged myself to get back to doing some of the things I enjoy. I choose to experience progress slow and steady. Writing and the friends I have made because of it are a great help so thank you!  
First, congratulations on the health markers! I will be getting lab work done this month to see where I'm at. I am glad you are back to writing daily. It's not a race. You will get to where you want to be at your own pace.  
2021-05-01 14:28:02