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Sometimes my greatest strengths lends to my biggest problems. But isn't this the case for anyone? So what's the use in thinking about such, except this universality is just the fact that it is something to consider. 

It's the well known things that get us. Reverse Psychology, Sunk Cost Fallacy. Once we become aware of some phenomenon we believe to be exempt from it, but awareness is only one piece of a large puzzle. A lifelong one. It seems to me that everybody is looking for a 
silver bullet
when in fact we walk around with a laundry list of common problems that we could solve and improve our lives infinitely better. But what causes us to neglect the latter and dive deep into the ocean of the self-help internet seeking for that panacea? Just one more 
Gary Vee
video. Just one more 
Tim Ferriss
podcast. It'll have something special in it, and I will be so much better for it.

I was being self deprecating about this because I had just gotten swayed someone I had met at the cafe. It was my friend's boyfriend. He made an impression on me. Smart guy. Good with words. Fun to talk to. And the thing I got swayed on is one little detail. 

My friend remarked proudly to her guy, He likes to read in the mornings.

It's true, he said. I like to start my day with someone else's great thoughts.

It probably makes you smarter, I added.

I left the cafe thinking that I was dumb for not reading in the morning. That that's what I should be doing. But I'm torn because actually I believe that there's plenty of time to read in the day. Well not plenty, but the point is why would I want to waste my morning injecting the literal thought streams of somebody else... no matter how smart they were.

If the cadence of evening affords a social, drinking environment, then the morning beckons with something more tranquil but even more powerful. My mind and my true self sings to me so soft that you need to pay attention, and most importantly not pay attention, to the right things. If you start the day with text messages, emails, podcasts, or even a conversation with somebody else than the siren will go unheard. 

Mornings. There's a reason why everybody's obsessed with each others' morning routines. And I had figured mine out until Patrick -- my friend's boyfriend who reads in the morning -- made me start questioning mine. I was walking down Rothschild Ave thinking about this trying not to look at my phone even though it was vibrating. I could check it when I got back to my apartment.

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