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Heat Zombies II as reply to Heat Zombies

Abraham Kim
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You would check  Twitter where other likeminded folks would be complaining about the current  apoclypse . The narrative had done a 180 since last week. Back then all the educated office workers -- many of them not in the office anymore -- were proclaiming the tragedy of the zombies. How...
I believe comfort is one of those things you need to scope.

As in just like 
Gary Vee
likes to say... impatience with action... patient with results...

one needs to be comfortable existentially and personally... and uncomfortable in another way... i don't know what word to use to define what that other way is though.
Abraham Kim

Flash Fiction Practice

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Sometimes my greatest strengths lends to my biggest problems. But isn't this the case for anyone? So what's the use in thinking about such, except this universality is just the fact that it is something to consider. 

It's the well known things that get us. Reverse Psychology, Sunk Cost Fallacy....