Flash Fiction Practice

A 👀 Collection
by Abraham Kim in 63 parts

23,500 words

This is practice
Meeting Effie at the Diner A break at the diner American Diners are like European Cafes Mornings The death of Trevor Untitled Shared at May 20, 2021 An alcoholic town Better than New York Dreaming about John Zabka's simple meals Arriving at John Zabka's Arriving at the diner with John Zabka The diner that John Zabka brought me to as Lighthouse in the dark The dream of becoming a 9-5 artist, revisited after meeting with John Zabka How to tell if you're a player, like John Zabka Killing an afternoon Buchimgae Painting the sand with blood Minor League Baseball Cafe out of place Rodia contemplates when to admit he's lost his job Something to write home about "Love you two." -- Trevor The Plumber's Wife -- part 1 The People's Hero Time to Beer Driving down 131 Evening loop of 131 Untitled Shared at Aug 05, 2021 Untitled Shared at Aug 06, 2021 The day after, I turned 18 The wrong man She waited eagerly From Baltimore with Sludge Drift She whispered patiently "I like this park too" A mysterious visit Untitled Shared at Aug 17, 2021 To my friends I appeared unmaterialistic Big Red On the 27th floor Magnus gets Coffee Generation Kill goes to the Dentist A game John Cena and Peter Thiel rent a car How Peter Thiel met John Cena Untitled Shared at Aug 27, 2021 Walter Krauss Untitled Shared at Aug 29, 2021 Untitled Shared at Aug 29, 2021 Untitled Shared at Aug 31, 2021 The Heirloom Farm Imogen waits in the car while Jeannie buys Miller Lite Jean Gras and I drank a lot of coffee but not beer Untitled Shared at Sep 05, 2021 Imogen Howe dreams of a life she's unashamed of Brains are hungry Untitled Shared at Sep 10, 2021 Untitled Shared at Sep 11, 2021 Untitled Shared at Sep 12, 2021 Untitled Shared at Sep 12, 2021 Job's house Untitled Shared at Sep 16, 2021