Would you?

If someone offered you a business opportunity where you can make 2 million dollars a day in revenue with substantial profit, would you take it?

I just read this article about the casinos in Maryland making $169 million revenue in March of this year. I started to wonder about the business model. Similar to tobacco and other addictive products, there is a lot of money to be made. Imagine creating a product where your ideal customer doesn't have control over their purchasing/spending ability. At the expense of their health and wellbeing.

I think it would be difficult for me to have a business of that kind. I value my peace of mind especially as I get older. However, I don't think it is as black and white as I used once think it was. When it comes to a casino or selling a substance abuse product, it is relatively easy to decline. But how about the grey area things like ponzi schemes that are beautifully disguised as something beneficial to mankind? How about religious centers that have owners driving in $100K cars and private jets? Would you agree to own a business opportunity with that type of a setup?

A lot of these topics are discussed in a satirical movie called 'Thank you for smoking' for anyone interested in this topic.