I am mildly curious about therapy. 
I have seen movies like 'Analyze this' and the show - 'Sopranos'. I learnt about what talking to a therapy looks like from those shows. But I am not sure if those shows are realistic. 

I wonder how easy it is to talk to a stranger. An absolute stranger. And I a supposed to be honest and trusting of this stranger. Because it is their job? This idea is hard for me to understand. It could be because I grew up in a culture that didn't really promote therapy. I am only used to talking to close family and friends. Even with family and friends, I am very selective before I open up. 

I am also curious about the time slot. The patient would get an hour with the therapist. Like clocking in and out. It would be difficult to get into the groove of talking in that short a timeframe. And then be interrupted when the time is up. It would feel very mechanical and cold. 

Despite all these things, I know that therapy can be very helpful. We all need someone we can talk to and feel like someone is listening. I have read enough to realize that the mind is a powerful thing and we don't always have control over it. The act of just getting a chance to vent is likely where the magi is. I think of it like a massage. It is very intimate and very helpful for the mind and body. And an hour at a time maybe all the mind needs.