Why I write.

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shared this line in a post - "I want to tell stories that affect people emotionally."

Reading that line - I wanted to highlight it immediately. Like I did back when I used to read paper books. I used to do that when something resonates with me. I call them aha moments. This doesn't happen very often.

When I watch George Carlin stand-up comedy - I find a lot of those moments. He has a way of articulating something in such a brilliant way. I find myself thinking - that's how I feel but would have never thought of saying it that way.

When I read a nicely written memoir - I find a lot of those moments. Particularly man's search for meaning (my #1 fav book). Also Americanna by Chimamande Adiche... it is fiction but there is a lot of speculation that it is based on her life around her immigration to the US from Nigeria. I connected with a lot of her experiences and thoughts.

So when I read Sir Abe say that he likes to tell stories that affect people, I thought, that is what I want to do as well. Especially since I love psychology and find so much similarity in people from different corners of the world. I want to be able to write with the type of clarity and honesty that people can easy connect to. I want the reader to see themselves in my experiences. I remember reading
's post on medium about his relationship with apple products - which was more about his amazing relationship with his father. That piece is beautiful and made me cry. I can't forget that writing. I remember
writing a letter to his friend Lee... I cried then too and can't forget how I felt reading that piece. 

I remember telling someone that I want to write in such a way that makes the reader cry. I didn't realize I wanted that as a goal before saying it out loud. Though I am now actively looking to improve humor in my writing, my primary goal is what Sir Abe said - connect with the reader emotionally.... to the point of tears. That is a true connection.

Most times, my best writing happens as I am weeping myself. So I love the idea that my readers can join me. I remember
once commenting on my Mustafa post with a similar sentiment in a reply post. And that made feel like I accomplished my mission. 

Here's to identifying our why and perfecting our writing skills - one day at a time. 
Well said. You certainly have the skills to write in a way that will elicit reactions and emotions from people. I've heard from many people who say the Apple story (secretly father story) is their favorite piece. It's a very emotional one for me.
2021-05-10 02:55:12
That's a great article 

Keni I think knowing why we do something keeps opportunities possible. Wanting to be good at something or known for something just isn't enough of a reason. You'll quit along the way.

I was thinking about this while listening to the new 
Joe Rogan
Dave Chappelle
where Dave says how cool it is that all of the things Joe does today primarily are things he got into with no visible outcome initially. Joe had no intentions of being known as a 
commentator or being known for 
. He just knew he wanted to do it and he had his why.

For much of my writing life I've wanted to be recognized and that drove my habit and that's probably why I've struggled to keep the habit.
2021-05-10 17:06:08
Too bad I canceled Joe Rogan, not for his vaccine comments but for his move to Spotify. #TeamAppleMusic
2021-05-10 18:48:40