Sentences Recap

For the first week of the
Echo and Narcissus
writing club we were to focus on the sentence structures of our writer. I came up with 
Waiting in a diner behind frosted glass Yours Truly
and I just re-read it now after reading 
East District Daniel Miller
Coming to America - Scott Adams Remix Keni
, and was immediately flushed with thoughts and ideas. 

What I did well

I was able to just go with a premise to a story that I've been sitting on for a while. Having the tight scope of only focusing on trying to mimic the sentences of my
Colin Barrett
allowed me not to get tangled up in the details and polish. I could just focus on writing sentences like Barrett while seeing more and more how the tale unfolds. 

What I didn't do well

Because I paid too much attention to trying to emulate certain sentence structure, I lost sight of how much story you can pack into a snippet. Because Daniel actually followed his writer's segment more to a tee he came out with a really well scoped piece of writing where you can follow what's happening because there seems to be just the right amount of things.

My snippet tries to pack in 1500 words worth of things into 500 and thus comes out leaving you confused as to what happened when, until by the end even I -- the writer -- am wondering whether he was even in the diner waiting for her or he was just imagining that. Two years ago I kid you not I would probably cast that off as an attribute, an artistic spin but I can tell you right now that was not intentional. It was a blunder! 

Going forward

I'll make sure to gauge better topical scope. Make sure to use 500 words to tell 500 words worth of things rather than get carried away. The main reason this happened this time around is because I didn't give myself time to revise. This time I'll not treat Saturday as the deadline but rather Wednesday so that I can spend the final days revising and having this point of reflection days before the meeting. 
We are only on week 2 of the class Sir Abe - to be honest, I was a little lost at the last week assignment. My understanding was to use the prompts in the assignment to investigate our narcissus. Using our investigation, write like them. I thought I misunderstood the task when I heard people's views at the class. Since my mind usually goes off in a tangent, I also decided that I need to spend more time working on the assignments literally rather than just using it to guide our writing. 

Regardless, it is a great opportunity to deliberately practice our writing and investigate the skills. Thank you for letting me know about the class. :) Waiting to read more of your fiction writing.  
2021-05-10 00:41:09

Echo and Narcissus Writing Club