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Trains Elk Taxidermy Peaches
Okay i think along with the killer-kid this has some legs. 

Good voice in this.

also really love how you signal the trainset brands... i don't know the brand you mention, but the way you describe it i know exactly an analogue to it in another domain i do know. and i know what it signals.

speaking of signalling I'm reminded of our summer club. The 
Echo and Narcissus
writing club hehe. 
Abraham Kim

Documenting Adagia
A lacking community

In A look into how a reaction and response are formed I wrote a step by step process of how I processed therealbrandonwilson 's suggestion that community is more important than a consistent writing habit.

In his comment is a truth: the community...

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The Drastically Unambitious Indie-Hacker

Yesterday I wrote about how people think they're underestimating when they're actually still overestimating when it comes to making products. I know I did this when starting to work on this project. I told people that I was just doing it for fun and the community but I also had...

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Composition of my writing

I joined  200WAD intending to write fiction. What got me into it was seeing people like Tim Subiaco writing a novella in public and being blown away. I'd never seen such a thing happening in public before and never had considered the possibility. Writing until then I'd always considered a...
Okay so you can totally turn this pending critique against me. Lol because if you go back and read all my posts for the 
Echo and Narcissus
assignments you'll be able to say 'BUT ABE YOU'RE LIKE THE KING OF DOING WHAT YOU JUST SAID I'M DOING'

But when we give critique were often giving it to ourselves as well. But anyways here it goes.

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Abraham Kim
There were no specific examples in the form of sentences of the first two. There were specific attributes however.

I believe the thing you are trying to deliberately avoid -- keeping the reader in the dark chasing you -- was one thing that made the first two more theatrical. Just the right mix of details and meaningful action ( 
George Saunders
likes meaningful action vs the word plot lol ).

I think that because you were following
William Gibson
to a tee you got that for free. Kind of like getting a ton of things for free when following the conventions of an
webapp via 
Ruby on Rails

I think these last two assignments reveal how difficult it is to get that blend of details + meaningful action right. I think going forward that would be a great Daniel thing to hone your craft on, but given that this is the final week of
Echo and Narcissus
club it's a good opportunity to just do some more Gibson copying.

PS I'm already reading that Saunders' book
Maggie Appleton
mentioned and it is so necessary for fiction writers. You will love it. Please check it out. I hope Maggie does end up organizing a club around it!
Abraham Kim
Bruce Lee
I still find
to be too broad for the 10,000 kicks? I think you would have to scope it down. something like

I even think
to be a bit too broad too.

Echo and Narcissus
club has been making me want to reach out to 
to really ramp up our fiction practice.

Like the small amount of consistent fiction Daniel and I have been writing for this club has been exhilerating. Exhilerating because it shows us what's possible if we just timescope it and commit.

Also I see how my fiction can improve by copying bits and pieces of my  
, it makes me think... keep doing this. Not with the same guy, but keep doing it until I've ilked all the greatness out of all the great writers that I can encounter.
Abraham Kim
Summer Image -- Description and Details assignment
Lol you must elaborate more on 'do author's do details and descriptions in the same way?' because I am in complete disagreement. 

While talking with Andrew this week of
Echo and Narcissus
club -- he's echoing
Paul Graham
we could tell immediately that Graham was very minimalist when it came to details.

And I have never thought while reading any of the other assignments that this is how
Scott Adams
would write except for your assignments!
Abraham Kim
Community of craft
I thoguht 
did encourage deliberate practice. However it encouraged only the daily-input part... which is important. But I don't think it ever got to the point where it gave more 'guidelines'.

For the 
Echo and Narcissus
club a guideline we got was A writer we admire.

I believe that competitions/contests are trigger concepts. Just as it pumps you up to be a part of a contest it pushes people away -- remember 

This is why I find being a part of this writing club so fascinating. I feel that I'm goaded into showing up more impressively -- and I know 
  feels this way as well just by reading what he's showing up with -- without being a contest.

When I think contest I think people competing against each other. With this club I feel like it's more us elevating our curiosity. Expanding our openness to what we're willing to do. 
Abraham Kim
Community of craft
that was my initial intention with Tribes! However, I learned that to make Tribes work you need enough people that it warrants it. Right now we only have 4-7 writers a day -- depending on the day --- so it's never felt needed. 

I've also since formed the opinion that I should tailor the features of the main feed and then just spin that off later when/if tribes is needed again.

Ha but TLDR yes. That's what I wanted Tribes to be but couldn't pull off on it's first iteration. 
Learning what makes the 
Echo and Narcissus
club tick will help me figure out a better way next iteration. 

RIght now I'm under the impression that 
Maggie Appleton
's thoughtful approach to the assignments is one of the key drivers. Whenever I feel lost at worst or even just purely unmotivated at best, I can look at the doc Maggie is working on and it never fails to put me back on track... I shouldn't even say back on track because that implies that I've been placed where I wanted to be... but it's more that seeing the thought and care she puts into her assignement allows me to find myself on a path that I didn't even know existed. So it's not back on track. It's transported the a new track altogether.

  I know sometimes you struggle with the assignments... not knowing how to go about it. I feel that when you feel that way seeing what Maggie is doing for that week will help a lot.

Abraham Kim

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Community of craft

During the golden days of 200WAD , a warm sense of belonging blanketed me anytime I logged on. I knew there would be people who had posted new things that I could comment on. There'd most likely be comments and conversations developing either on my posts or somewhere else. It...
A break at the diner
Ha believe me it doesn't. I have practiced a lot and actually i need to practice more. Being in the 
Echo and Narcissus
club has been good for jumpstarting that because it gives me clear defined goals that I can work towards within a timebox.

Have you begun writing for Saturday's assignment?

Also thank you for this comment. It reminds me of the times when I used to write fiction on 
and would love getting your comments on them ;)
Abraham Kim

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Untitled Shared at Apr 29, 2021

This Saturday is our introductory meeting for the Echo and Narcissus writing club. I'm glad that I already have my narcissus decided. All I need to do now is re-read my favorite stories by Colin Barrett and pick two excerpts. 

I'm looking forward to writing out what I like about these...