When I met with my financial adviser recently, he went on for ages about how he loved his new device, the Remarkable 2. My wife was in the meeting, and they both joked that it wouldn't be long before I would be purchasing one.

The Remarkable 2 is a note-taking tablet designed for creative people who write a lot. The large thin tablet looks like a notebook and delivers an amazingly realistic pen on paper feel when writing with the stylus. The stylus allows you to scribble notes, mark up pages and make comments, with instant updates on shared documents. I had considered it, but there are a few reasons why I might buy it just yet.

The Remarkable 2 has a limited purpose, and I am not known as a prolific writer of text on a screen. With it having limited integrations with many of my other note-taking apps, like Evernote and One Note, it would be a reason for me not getting one. They cost nearly $800.

I am yet to convince myself that I need the Remarkable 2. I would seriously have to think why I would purchase one over an iPad with an Apple Pencil and a Paper-Like screen protector. It appears the jury is still out on this one.

It seems such notetaking apps are trying to fully replace paper and pen while 
Apple Pencil
is more suited for an actual digital screen form factor.

I love the latter. I can sketch things like UI or other things I want digitized onto the iPad, but I would never sketch notes on it. And because I'm so happy with analogue paper and pen I don't intend to replace my notetaking medium with something digital.

The reason is because I don't really intend to digitize my notes. I 
for the benefits I receive while inputting. I'm not looking to reap a reward by reference. If I am taking such notes then I think I'd either use a keyboard.
2021-05-13 14:45:30
I received the original Remarkable as a gift. The ooh la la factor wears off quickly. I'm not into drawing, and like Abe I'd rather type than write notes. I have used it a bit to do some brainstorming, but I would say the use case is more for creatives who are doing lots of drawing.

2021-05-13 20:33:25