On Writing Well

For the third week of the writing course I am taking, the assignment is studying how our echo writes descriptions and adds details.

The two people that I want to write like are Scott Adams and Trevor Noah. But I am having a hard time finding a lot of material for Trevor's writing. So for the thrid week, I am selecting Scott Adam's style to dissect and mimic.

I came across this post where Scott once again makes a fantastic point while teaching the art of creative writing. I am finding a lot more posts and lessons with this class. 

The conclusion is where the meat of the lesson lies. 

The experience I described from last night is uncommon for me, but only because of the high wattage. When I write, I am running a program in my mind that checks the logic and grammar of my writing, of course. But I am also monitoring all of my thoughts for their visceral impact. In other words, I tune my physical body to feel words and ideas. My body is the instrument that identifies the x-factor, not my mind. If you don’t feel an idea in your body, no one else will either.

 If you want to inform, write with your mind. If you want to move people, write with your body.

I love how Scott concludes this writing. Especially since I have also come to realize that some of my best writing are the ones where I find myself crying as I write them. I noticed that with a couple of posts back in 200wordsAday. The post about family - particularly my grandfather always made me cry. Even re-reading it makes me cry. My body was able to identify the impact. I also notice it with other people's post. I shared this as a post this week. The posts that made me cry stay with me and impact me more than the ones that just inform me. 

I rarely find tweets or sentences to blurb about the way Scott Adams describes. For me, it is about editing my way to sharing my vulnerable thoughts and fears. It will take longer and may not be hilarious. That maybe how Scott Adams was before he built a system for writing with his body. 

It seems that 
Scott Adams
is more of a writer who produces writing? Whereas 
Trevor Noah
is a writer who uses writing to produce speech/spoken dialogue and organize his shows.

So learning from Noah might be more difficult. Because his writing is more of a blueprint rather than the house itself. With Adams there's plenty of physical houses you can inspect.
2021-05-16 14:08:56