Scott Adams
I think 
Scott Adams
approach is better for almost everybody because most people don't live in such defined worlds such as 
Bruce Lee

If you're in a sport like martial arts or basketball then the rules/goals are so much more defined than what most people deal with.

Most of us are in settings where jobs/goals/norms are in constant flux. Probably less wise to try to go for mastery in a narrow niche in such context.

However I do think that a lot of people hear Scott's take on this and think it's easy to become average at something. Even though he might be medicore at the things he listed off, I think the combination of these mediocre skills are a skill in itself. And in that combining skill I'd say he has some level of mastery. 
Abraham Kim
Most customs don't just come from out of the blue. They come from longstanding -- and sometimes outdated -- realities that drove people to act in certain ways. Since people can't make deliberate decisions on everything they use heuristics and like 
Scott Adams
would say... systems.

Customs can be seen as sort of a system that a group of people have adopted to yield the best results in terms of happiness, safety, etc.

I believe that customs such as not letting women walk around alone after certain hours comes from a heuristic from a time before having a stable police state that lets people feel as safe as they do today. 

The reason why so many geographically disparate groups of people come up with similar customs is because the customs come from human nature. So like the custom to share food -> people love eating... they love bonding with people.... the custom to not allow women to walk around after certain hours --> There used to be a time where rape and murder against women were much more prevalent.

And so on and so on.
Abraham Kim
Summer Image -- Description and Details assignment
Lol you must elaborate more on 'do author's do details and descriptions in the same way?' because I am in complete disagreement. 

While talking with Andrew this week of
Echo and Narcissus
club -- he's echoing
Paul Graham
we could tell immediately that Graham was very minimalist when it came to details.

And I have never thought while reading any of the other assignments that this is how
Scott Adams
would write except for your assignments!
Abraham Kim
On Writing Well
It seems that 
Scott Adams
is more of a writer who produces writing? Whereas 
Trevor Noah
is a writer who uses writing to produce speech/spoken dialogue and organize his shows.

So learning from Noah might be more difficult. Because his writing is more of a blueprint rather than the house itself. With Adams there's plenty of physical houses you can inspect.
Abraham Kim