Hail damage

I would typically not take my roadster out when there is a prediction of a storm. But out of necessity, I did take my car as the only convenient mode of transport available to me. 

After arriving at my destination, it started to rain, and I wondered how heavy it might get. Before I knew it, my car was stranded in a hailstorm, and there was nothing I could do to save it. 

Sheltering inside, I dare not stand too close to the windows, as the hail was hitting very hard, and the windows were at risk of breaking. I kid you not, the hailstones were as big as golf balls.

Once the storm had subsided, I feared the worst and went to survey the damage to my car. I was unsurprised but disappointed to see dents in the bonnet, dents in the boot lid, dents in the guards, and very few panels not damaged. I could see where some tree branches had fallen, but thankfully none on my car.

Fortunately, I wasn't hurt, and my car could still be driven. The cost to repair the car was almost $20,000, cover by my insurance. I will think twice about taking out when there is a forecast for storms.
Damn glad to hear you were unscathed! 

In the future maybe this will have added character to the Roadster
2021-05-17 13:30:07

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