Writing with my own voice

I know 
are having fun with the Echo and the Bunnymen exercises to practice mimicking other writers. I like to see people honing their craft.

Ever the contrarian, I take the opposite view in that I don't want to write like anyone else. My goal is for my writing to have a distinct voice. I want someone to read a piece of mine and say, "Yep, that sounds like him." If I write a piece and anyone who knows me cannot tell that I wrote it (even better if people who don't know me can tell I wrote it), then it could have been written by anybody. What fun is that?

This is why I eschew these AI copywriting bots. If an AI can write it, why do I need you? I've seen some of this AI writing. It's boring and there is no personality.

I have a quirky personality as anyone who has listened to some Doctrines can tell you. I want that personality to come through my writing. I want to entertain, educate, and perhaps be provocative on occasion. Yes, I use Grammarly and Heminwayapp to edit my writing, but sometimes I decline the suggestions. It may be grammatically incorrect or not as concise, but that phrase is how I want to say it. It's how I would say it. Above all, I do not want to be boring. 

After reading one of my posts, maybe you didn't learn anything or you didn't chuckle or you didn't start having deep philosophical thoughts or some existential crisis. At least you made it to the end. I hope that means I wasn't boring. 😎
Lol I hate to break your bubble but this is anti-contrarian

Ever the contrarian, I take the opposite view in that I don't want to write like anyone else. My goal is for my writing to have a distinct voice. 

This is the standard goal of any writer wanting to actually write rather than be known as a writer -- we don't count the latter.

Anyways, you're foregoing the concept of scope here. The scope of this class is five weeks. if you think that because we're deliberately practicing writing through the mimicry of another writer for five weeks then i think it that just means you have less openness on what kind of practice you are open to.

Your sentiment would be valid if Keni, Daniel and I declared that we are going to spend the next decade or the rest of our writing careers sounding like X Y or Z, but as it is now it's based on a false premise.
2021-05-19 15:43:42
I somehow knew this one would get you. At least this comment wasn't boring! You are absolutely correct I am not fully open to trying all sorts of different writing practices. Let someone who is in his or her teens or twenties play the anything-goes experiment game. I'm in my 40s and time keeps on slippin' into the future. 
2021-05-19 16:34:49
lmao there are still GOAT writers publishing in their 80s right now. Plenty of time to practice in different ways. My bet is that you'll prob try it later.
2021-05-19 17:13:52