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One time I ran into Trevor while he was staying at Ivan's. We -- Trevor and I -- had plans to hang out and I was surprised when I saw the address. Not that I was aware of where Ivan lived, but because I knew where Trevor had lived but this address was on the opposite side of town. I drove to a large
house in the town's core neighborhood.

Seeing Ivan's face for the first time in years made me feel strange. Not in a bad way but out of place. Like something was not right here. The three of us were never meant to hang out together, but that shouldn't be a problem for long because I expected there to be more people. It was a large house after all and I was guessing Ivan's parents lived there, that it was their son and their son's friend who was crashing there. 

Now that was a strange thing too. Never in high school had I seen the two speak or their names mentioned in the same sentence. When had they become friends? Why? 

My head was filled with all these trivialities that I didn't feel like i was there. Instead it felt like I was controlling my body from a remote place prompting my shell to respond in social ways.



"It's been a minute."

I didn't stay long. I think Trevor got the sense that it was awkward us three just hanging around the dark house. It was very dark in there. Ivan said he needed to work on a screenplay and went upstairs. Trevor and I went for a walk.

"There's a park nearby. I can show you."


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Trevor Macomb

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