An alcoholic town

I lived in a town with afternoons wide open to things like coffees, long lunches, and most importantly drinks. Although every one of my friends were employed in a variety of industries, you would think they all shared the same goal. To get out of working in the afternoon.

My friends must've not been the most successful of types, because they could only pull this off once a week or so. I didn't have that many friends but I had enough that I could have a lunch partner every day of the week.

Okay so I lied. Not everyone had their afternoons wide open. But since I did it felt like the town was like that. Same thing with booze. It seemed like our town ran on getting people drunk, but that was just probably me unable to notice much around town except for all these signs about Sunday Margarita deals and Friday Happy Hours specials. It didn't matter the time or day, there was always some type of banal, overpriced alcoholic transaction that they marketed to you as a deal. I didn't buy the transactionary value of it all but I did like the social value.

It was easy to ring up my friend and tell them, hey it's one dollar beer at the Tex Mex shop. Or it's half off Moscow Mules at the Cocktail Stash. I haven't done a study on it so nothing official but my thesis is that people are more willing to accept social invitations with such flashy reasons attached to it. MARGARITA NIGHT? LETS GO!

Well this is where my story begins. In an alcoholic town:

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