You Can't Ask That

You Can't Ask That is an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) series that originated in 2016. The show is about breaking down stereotypes and offering genuine insight into the lives of people who live with labels.

Over the six series of the show, questions have been asked of many minority groups, including short-statured people, transgender, ex-football players, sex workers, centenarians, alcoholics, nudists and people who have killed someone, just to name a few.

The show confronts prejudice and discrimination by offering searing insights into the lives of diverse Australians who are misunderstood or marginalised. By asking only the hard questions and allowing guests to answer in their own words, the series adds new voices, surprising insights and fresh perspectives to subjects often dismissed.

You Can't Ask That invites the public to anonymously send in the naive, cheeky or uncomfortable questions they wish they could ask these groups but never had the courage to ask in person. By putting these questions directly to the guests, the show features confronting and surprising answers. It is moving, insightful, and refreshingly inappropriate.

This show is a brilliant concept, empowering and a real eye-opener. It demonstrates empathy and gives misunderstood and marginalised people the opportunity to speak for themselves.

I saw a couple of clips on YouTube. Seems like an interesting concept, and I like how they let the people speak so we can hear real answers instead of being told what we are "supposed to think."
2021-05-23 14:25:21
Ha I was jsut about to say that this seems like a show that Brandon would like.

U.S needs more of this kind of content.
2021-05-23 15:09:33
This is a brilliant idea. I agree the US needs it. Especially due to the diversity that exists here.
2021-05-23 18:10:54