The first time I took LSD - Trip report

Today is a day just like that day, nice and sunny, the summer is just starting and the vegetation is exploding everywhere I look. It's been a while since I took LSD for the first time, about five years ago if I remember well. I was visiting a friend who happens to also be my stomatologist doctor. She took care of my dental treatment and, at night we used to party and make love. It was a beautiful synergy of sorts between us. I loved spending time with her, we were in love and we both had an exploratory mindset, a wandering courageous spirit. That afternoon I found some LSD in her fridge and asked if I can take some. She said: "Sure, but let's go to the park and, I'm not taking any. Tomorrow I wake up early for work" and off we went. We arrived there, unrolled a little blanket, and lay there with our bare feet in the grass.

I took a deep breath, I was a bit nervous, but decided to take that LSD quickly and move past the "what it shoulda coulda happen?" I asked for the thing, she gave it to me, a nice little blotter of about 150 micrograms. I relaxed instantly after. It had no taste whatsoever, I kept it under my tongue till it melted away. We continued to talk, we were looking at the sky, at the people, laughing, carrying on as usual.
- But I don't feel anything, I said.
She looks at me, looks at her wristwatch, and says:
- Give it another ten minutes. And she smiles with her lovely big beautiful smile.
- Alright
And she was spot on with her estimate, 10 minutes later I began to feel some very subtle changes in the way I was perceiving sound. It seemed like I could visualize every moving object that was making sound, a train approaching, birds singing, a plane flying up in the sky. I could somehow accurately position each and deduce their trajectory. It felt as if I had a bird's view, perspective on my entire field of perception; involved and detached at the same time. At that very moment, I knew the profundity of LSD. It felt very much like technology for the mind. I got up, slowly and I turned around observing. I was caught at the moment, fully immersed in what was happening around me. My friend asked me how do I feel, I answered something like, it's absolutely amazing wooooooow, and she said giggling:
- Yess I know it's extraordinary, isn't it?
- Yeaa,...
And so I began to tell her about how I could feel and sense profoundly everything around me. 20 minutes into the trip, I express my wish to be alone. I wanted to dive deeper into my mind, and while interacting with her I would revert to habitual patterns of thinking. She understood, asked me if I'm sure I can take care of myself, I said yes, and off she went with the blanket and everything. I walked with her a bit then we parted ways and I went towards the side of the park with the big trees. A magnificent view of the last sun rays, blasting an orange light through the branches and leaves, a gust of wind making a comfy crude noise gave me an unusual bodily sensation as if I would be caressed by the leaves moving. I was in ecstasy entirely in love with the trees, with nature, and with everything around me. Such a beautiful moment, of exquisite beauty it touched me to teas and so, I went closer to the trees, hidden from the alley and I sat there, legs crossed, leaning with my back on a tree.

I closed my eyes and began to meditate. I could feel the protective energy of the tree, something akin to the presence of a wise old grandpa. It was intense, and without words just vibrationally we would be sharing something very special. Our human words cannot convey rightly what happened there. I sat in that spot for hours and thought through everything I knew since I was born. I was supported and encouraged by my tree and all the trees around me. I was allowed to enter the energetic field of nature, where information was flowing in an infinitely interconnected network through every living being, including me. It was only revealed to me, I was part of it since forever. I realized nature is not something out there, but inside here, in my body, I am intimately connected with every other living entity on this planet, human or not, and with our mother planet earth. I could only laugh at how silly I was to believe otherwise. All the wrong motivations and ideas were nullified in a fraction of a second. I have been duped, deceived by the man-made world to believe it's real. It ain't. And I felt sad about the way we disconsidered nature and we cut forests to build cities and we burn and slash everything around us for nonsensical reasons. I wanted to do something about it, right there at that very moment. I knew our place is in the forest, living, being connected, being free from bullshit desires, this constant attack of the man-made, man-governed world. Let nature do its thing, and nature made me understand it's all passing. We're passengers, and in the vast history of the earth, we're just a blip. Maybe an accident? but I pondered that too... our worthiness and found we're also worthy. It felt as if I went through a tornado in my head, all these thoughts would resonate in my body, the noises of the night would turn louder, crickets, frogs, owls, and a plethora of noisy insects. I could have been scared but I choose not to be. Litte eyes were looking at me from everywhere. It was the LSD hallucination, it does that to vision. I looked up at the sky, a full moon surrounded by layers of clouds beautifully lit by its silver light appeared to be radiating out, extending downward towards me. It was so beautiful. I thought to myself; an angel could come all the way down from the sky descending all those fluffy clouds like a staircase. It was a long intense night and I lost track of time long ago. I got an SMS from my friend asking if I was ok, I said yes, and in about half an hour I was headed back home.
Great description. Sounds like a transcendent experience.
2021-05-28 15:07:29
This makes me wanna get on the yellow submarine
2021-06-02 13:05:11
 if you do get on the yellow submarine and feel like sharing it, do get in touch 🕊
2021-06-02 19:56:44