I'm currently putting together a portfolio and I'm looking at the work I've done in the past 3 years. It's quite a lot, and I'm proud of it. The harder projects were the ones where I learned the most. I don't mind working on the hard stuff, what I don't like is stress and someone putting a lot of pressure on me. It's not ideal to do service. 6 months ago I was swearing to never again do work for clients but my finances are running thin at the moment and I need a quick source of income. I'll do this, I'll get new client work and I'll keep on doing my art business on the side.
You got any leads? What type of gigs do you usually do? The type where there's a development team and you just link in as the designer? Or do you ever come in to provide the dev + design?
2021-06-01 15:07:15
I joined a new platform for getting freelance work, if you want we can discuss more in private about it. I do primarily product design and yes I integrate with my client's teams. 
2021-06-01 23:26:41
Pesky clients always getting in the way of one's art.
2021-06-05 12:44:49