Recurring goals

I wonder how much I have changed through the years. I know my opinion about things have evolved but I am curious about how much I have changed. 

I know I am interested in the same things... developed a few new interests along the way but mostly the same interests. 

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about failure and looking for a failure accountability buddy. It seemed like something I wanted to do for some time and I liked the idea of putting it down in words. 

Yesterday, I was going over some of my writings from 200WordsAday. I have the entire collection saved in a google drive and I was randomly looking at what I wrote before. It is interesting to see where my mind was just 2 years ago. One added benefit of writing is that we are keeping records of our thinking process. That is a gift to us. 

I came across one post from back then regarding failure. And I was shocked to see how similar it was with the post I wrote some time back here on this site. It hit me how much I am obsessed with the topic of failure. I wrote about the same goals with almost identical writeup twice. More importantly, I realized how much I hadn't done anything about that goal as well. I thought about how many things I had thought about in the past and didn't get a chance to realize that I hadn't done anything about it. 

Making goals is so easy and fun for me. Execution is so much harder. And not executing has a negative impact especially if there is a recurring theme. 
This looping of goals happens to me too. I think it happens to a lot of us. Though that doesn't make it 'good'. lol.

For me it happens when I actually didn't commit to something that should've gotten some commitment. So it's like still in my head. An adventure waiting to be had.
2021-06-03 12:50:10
Exactly. Lack of execution. 
What puzzled me more is how much I didn't realize that I had the exact same goal just 2 years ago. It felt like I was coming up with something new when I came up with it recently. 

2021-06-04 01:13:56
I take more of an action-first approach. I have a sense of where I'm headed, but I don't spend a lot of time Michael Hyatt-style with defining SMART goals. 
2021-06-04 16:19:14