40 Years of Zen Update

I previously wrote about 40 Years of Zen. TLDR: It's an expensive, five-day brain hacking program that I won a free ticket to at the Virtual Biohacking Conference. I have official confirmation that I was indeed a winner and it wasn't some fake Brandon Wilson.

Yesterday, I had an introductory call with Cameron, the Director of Sales at 40 Years of Zen. He asked me a series of questions about my mental health including whether I'm on any prescription medication for mental health issues, whether I've been diagnosed with any mental disorders, whether I'm under the care of a psychiatrist, etc. I don't know whether having any of these issues disqualifies one from the program, but I'm sure they need to know about these things before tinkering around with people's brains. 

Cameron also asked me for three things I want to get out of the program. Here is what I told him:
  1. I want to unlock the full potential of my brain and be able to achieve different brain states at will. I want to focus for extended periods of time. I want to be present and engaged when interacting with people. I want to be able to reduce my stress response. 
  2. I want to eliminate limiting beliefs about what is possible. I want to expand my horizons beyond the rules that have been imposed on me throughout my life. I want to get rid of whatever is holding me back from being the best version of myself.
  3. I want to improve my EQ and relationships and connections with people. I have a bit of a "Sheldon complex" (Big Bang Theory), and I'd like to learn how to be more empathetic and improve how I interact with people.

Cameron also mentioned some preparation for the week prior to attending the program. He said I should make good sleep a priority and eliminate alcohol and any other stimulants including caffeine and the various nootropics I'm taking. He also said this recommendation extends through the two weeks after the program.

The schedule is booked through August. In September, I'm planning to attend the live Biohacking Conference in Orlando, Florida. This leaves October-December of this year or also next year. I have a year to book my week. 
Interesting. I like all 3 of your responses. I am also very Sheldon like in many ways. Not sure if that can change but EQ is a good goal to have. 

I am curious why no caffeine especially since that is supposed to help stimulate the mind. Thank you for sharing.
2021-06-01 17:13:17
Based on my limited experience with these nootropics, many of them amplify caffeine's effects. My guess is that they want us at a baseline so that the training will be most effective. 
2021-06-01 17:37:20