My ageing eyes

I have worn glasses for over twenty years, which I primarily wear when driving or watching TV. Having short-sightedness means I can sit at my computer without glasses and read most printed material without squinting. As I don't require my glasses for reading, I prefer to wear them as little as possible, so I take them off most of the time.

Today, I went to the optometrist for a check-up and some new glasses. The good news is that my eyes are in good health for someone of my age, and they appear to be the only minor deterioration since my previous visit.

I have found myself holding some things further away to read small writing, so I mentioned this to the optometrist. She checked and found that there was some deterioration, but it was only with very small letters. She suggested some multi-focal lens might help, and I could avoid the cost of buying a pair of reading glasses.

My wife and I have chosen not to pay for extras with our health insurance, so I will have to fund the entire purchase of my new glasses. The scans, consultation, frames and multi-focal lens added up to quite a bit, a little more than I was expecting to pay.

Never mind, the frames have been chosen, and the lens will now get made. I should receive my new glasses within three weeks. I am sure my ageing eyes will thank me.
Strange, in the states you can get reading glasses at the drug store for cheap without prescription.

Perhaps because you are nearsighted to begin with then your 'reading' glasses are still not considered 'readers'?
2021-06-12 15:25:01
I have not tried it yet, but supposedly the Bates method helps to improve vision.
2021-06-17 13:06:31